Dare to care …

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Did you know that 133M Americans live with a Chronic illness? By 2020, that number will exceed 150M. This isn’t my opinion. This is fact. They are our spouses, siblings, parents, grandparents, neighbors and co-workers. They are young and old. No race or social-class is immune. This is America’s health crisis! One that needs far more attention than it is getting. Awareness of this issue is important. Support for those afflicted is an even greater priority. We are in this journey called life, together. Dare to care!

Author: livinginthegardenofoptimism

Hi, there! I wear many hats, and occasionally an apron,as most women do. I'm a Christian, wife, mother, writer, essential worker, volunteer, patient advocate and blogger. My focus is on providing awareness about Chronic illnesses and offering encouragement to those who battle them. Dare to care!

9 thoughts on “Dare to care …”

    1. I was 13, when I was diagnosed with a Chronic illness. My father never discouraged me, because of it. There are 2 things I often heard him say: “You can do anything you put your mind to” and “It can always be worse”. The first was monumental, for a man to say [in the 1970’s] to his teenage daughter. It still is. The second, I have learned over the years, is profoundly true. Things can be worse. Yes, millions of us have Chronic Illness. But focus on what we CAN do! That’s the stuff that inspiration & motivation are made of!

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      1. I love what you have said!!! My Grandfather, who was my hero and still is even though he is not with us any longer always said “It could always be worse.” I live by those words! On my worse days I always remember someone else is dealing with much worse pain than I am! Thank you so much for sharing those inspirational and motivating words!!!


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